Quotes from our Trip Experience Feedback Form

“The bed and breakfasts we stayed at were fantastic. There is no other way to hike, ending a long day of hiking in a quaint house with wine and cheese!”  – Stephanie on the Grey Whale Walk



“The Route notes and maps were in general very good, high level of detail was appreciated” – Chris and Jane from Essex England on the Grey Whale



“The well planned and organized trip preparations made by inn to end allowed us to fully enjoy our adventure and know that every logistical detail had already been taken care of, we stayed at establishments we would have never found or selected on our own, but each lodging establishment had its own unique charm.For the most part the routes and guides were excellent. We particularly enjoyed finding “secret” trails (the hidden staircases) and other enjoyable paths.” – David from Dallas, TX on the Redwood Walk



“Worked really well. And the maps gave us alternatives – which we took on a few occasions. The details were good – and I appreciated the advice that accompanied the directions – on food or views, etc. Really a wonderful vacation – relaxing, and we could take everything at our own pace. I loved knowing that our luggage and accommodations were ready and waiting for us at the end of each day. The days of walking were each so different – which was always a pleasant surprise! I felt like we got a nice sampling of the climate and atmosphere of the area.”  – Anna from Everly, IA on the Grey Whale


“The trip accommodations were all very unique and we had great service at each of them. We appreciated the unique character of each location and were also pleased with the quality of food at each stop. After a full day of walking, it was a treat to come upon these wonderful inns.”– Sherry from Victoria, Canada on the Grey Whale Walk 2015


“We loved the variety of inns. They were all comfortable, clean, and unique. There are a few hope to visit again in the future!” – Carol from Camas, WA